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Private/Erotic Roleplay

Post by Draven on Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:44 pm

BC is an adult oriented Roleplaying forum. This can range from anything with a rating above PG-13. This is by no means a strictly smut oriented site. Our stories have background and character depth. We put forth alot of effort and emotion into these Roleplays and that includes strong language, gore, and yes even sex. For those moments when characters become intimate, each section of the User Created Roleplay will have a Private Roleplay section for these secific intimate encounters. I suggest linking each thread together.

For example with Kinta Sarrai and Kozan Saad's threads Darkness and Light and Darkness Bound. Since their intimacy started out in Darkness and Light and continued to Darkness Bound, I have linked them both together so a reader may be able to not miss out on events. You by no means have to read the sex scenes if you are not comftorable doing so, hence the links. If you would like to link your threads, you may do so as follows:

[url=originalthreadlink]Desired Text[/url]

You can place the link to your Private RP at the bottom of the users last post. If you are not the last user that has posted, let me know and I can link it for you.

[url=privatethreadlink]Desired Text[/url]

Once the private thread is finished, you may continue the RP back in the original thread instead of starting a new one.
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