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Know Your Surroundings

Post by Kozan Saad on Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:55 am

Hello, any and all who may read this. áI will be one of the moderators of this section, and as such I feel like it would probably be helpful to anyone who may consider joining this section to know where things are. áSometimes it will be difficult to understand where exactly things are taking place during posts, especially any that take place while navigating between destinations in open space, so I'm going to leave a link here to a very comprehensive Galaxy Map. áIt is uniquely set up very similar to most navigation sites and apps, and is linked to Wookiepedia, which is a Star Wars centered branch of Wiki. áI hope it's helpful to any that use it, I can say it made a lot of things easier for me.

Complete Map of the Star Wars Galaxy
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