Recruitment for Clans and Guilds

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Recruitment for Clans and Guilds

Post by Draven on Thu May 26, 2016 6:14 pm

Recruiting for Clans and Guilds can be done two different ways.

1. Private Message - Anyone who wishes to join a specific Clan or Guild can send a message via PM to the Clan or Guild leader(s). They will then give you details of how you may join.

2. In Character RP - You may also join via an In Character RP started by the Clan or Guild leader. Most often than not, both of these methods will be used to recruit members into the ranks. Usually accompanying a PM is a sample post or sample writing of your chosen character.

If you have any other questions regarding Recruitment, you may shoot either myself or Abaddon a PM and we will answer as promptly as we can.

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