Clans and Guilds Rules

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Clans and Guilds Rules

Post by Kinta Sarrai on Wed May 25, 2016 7:17 pm

1. Creating a Clan or Guild. Not everyone can simply create a Clan or Guild. You must create a concept sheet for your preferred Clan or Guild and send it to me via PM. Once your concept sheet is approved, then you will be free to pick your tag choice. Once your tag is chosen, I will add it to the Clan/Guild list. There must not be any duplicate tags, nor Clan/Guild names.

2. Joining a Clan/Guild. In order to join a Clan/Guild, you must contact the Clan/Guild leader and inquire about the process of joining their ranks. You must get the leaders approval. Once you have been approved, an IC ceremony will be performed granting you your tags. Once you have recieved your tags, you may ask me to add them to your username, or you may create a new username with them added on. The choice is yours though I do recommend using dual accounts just in case you need to post anything without your tags.

3. Death of a Clan/Guild. Once a Clan or Guild has been destroyed or disbanned, the tags will be retired and quite possibly reused for a Clan or Guild for a different name. Please be sure to keep an eye on the tag roster for updated information.
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