Laws of Sanguine

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Laws of Sanguine

Post by Draven on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:55 am

Vampires of Sanguine must uphold the Laws set by the Vitae; "Life's Blood", of each Bloodline. Failure to follow these Laws will result in Absolute Death.

- The true nature of one's Blood must never be known among the Mortal race.
- Only those Humans, deemed the Revanants, may obtain knowledge of the Sanguine Veil.
- Respect the territory and property of others.
- Only in defense is it possible; unless otherwise instructed by the Council, to take the life of another of the Blood.
- Each Sire is responsible for the actions of a new Childe. Guide and protect them at all costs.
- Bloodessence; the combining of Blood from different Bloodlines, may only be performed by the Vitae.

The Circle; the Council, is to be the Eldest of each Bloodline. They are here to keep the Veil in place and to ensure that the Vampire Nation can co-exist with Humanity. This Council acts as Judge, Jury, and Executioner for the Vampire Nation.

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