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PostSubject: Ragnarok   June 12th 2017, 6:38 pm

Ragnarok Riders
The Ragnarok Riders were once rumored to be a vicious, thuggish motorcycle club/gang. They had started as a rag-tag band of Werewolves known only as the Ragnarok Pack centuries before they became the Riders. They are leg by Mahigan; a beautiful but fierce Native American woman and her companion and Mate, Bodolf; a once vicious Viking Warrior. They had met centuries prior when the Norse had raided the lands of her tribe. Instead of slaughtering her, and her people, Bo saved her. Her tribe was not happy with the affair from the moment it began and so cursed the two lovers. They became the First Wolves.

Centuries later, they formed the Ragnarok Pack and moved from place to place, searching for the right place to call home. They found it on the outskirts of a large city the Vampires called Sanguine. With the help of the Montriarch, Draven, Bo and Mahigan formed the town of Fairhaven. It was the go between from the Human world and Sanguine, a place of protection and safety. Decades after it's formation, the Pack had turned themselves into a MC, adorning the name Ragnarok Riders. For a long time, they had taken what ever they wanted, when they wanted. But when a Human managed to rape one of the young daughters of an MC member, all hell broke loose.

Mahigan went after the man in her Wolf form. When she was finished with him, all that had remained were gnawed bones and pools of blood. Though there was only evidence of "some animal attack", she was arrested and put on a three year trial for the mans murder. The Montriarch sent her lawyer to Fairhaven in hopes of springing the Alpha Queen and much to their satisfaction, she was recently released on insuficent evidence. Now the time has come to put away their former ways of drugs, murder and mayhem. It was time to become the protectors they had always claimed to be.
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok   June 30th 2017, 7:49 pm

Blood Chronicles
Ragnarok RPG
Fairhaven sits on the outskirts of Sanguine. It was founded and created by the Ragnarok Pack a handful of centuries after Sanguine's creation. Mahigan and Bodolf are an unlikely pair but are the very first Werewolves. They were created by a curse from the Native American tribe that Mahigan hails from, cursed because their affair had been unsanctioned. During a Nordic raid on the Native tribe's lands, Bodolf had saved Mahigan from being savagely raped and murdered by his own kinsmen. Because of this behavior, her people judged Bodolf harshly when she introduced him to them. In retaliation of his mistreatment, Mahigan left her tribe to join him. Fearing further bloodshed and angry that one of their own had left without so much as a backward glance, the tribe cursed not just Bo and Mahigan, but any who stole their lands or slaughtered their people.

With their newfound nature came anger, rage but also a fierce need to protect. They formed a Pack of new Wolves, calling themselves the Ragnarok Pack in honor of the Nordic culture. They took what they wanted when they wanted and damn the consequences. At the start of the 1990's, their behavior led to the formation of a brutal Motorcycle Club that they dubbed the Ragnarok Riders. The MC concisted of ruthless Werewolves whose professions were less than savory. Thieves, drug dealers, etc. You name it and the Riders had their hands in it. Three years ago, one of the MC members' daughter was brutally raped by a Human male. Mahigan, fiercely protective of the Pups and her Pack sought vengeance and went after him. She hunted the man in Wolf form. The police later found the remains of bones, picked nearly clean. Mahigan was arrested, officially charged with the man's murder. She was behind bars for three years as the trial dragged on, but do to insufficient evidence, she was recently released. With those three years in prison, she had done extensive reflection and has recently decided that it was time the MC put their criminal pasts behind them and concentrate on doing good for the people of Fairhaven.

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