The Mythical Darkness

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The Mythical Darkness

Post by Mythos on Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:12 pm

Mythos Tenebris
"Mythical Darkness"
Gender - Female
Species - Vampire (Last of her kind)
Type - Sanguimancer; is also able to manipulate Shadows.
Height - 5'2"
Weight - 120lbs
Hair - Black; trails down past her shoulders
Eyes - Red, void of any other color. Almost makes her appear blind when she can see in great detail.
Skin - Pale complexion.
Body type - Slender, toned, and curvy.
(Image depicts Mythos before the Great Collapse)
- Mythos is a Vampire; the very last of her kind.
- She is a Sanguimancer; a very unique and rare type of Mage. She is also able to manipulate Shadow. Because of her ease with the Darkness, she was appointed by Myth as the Archmage of the Shadow Sect.
- She has long black hair, though she has been known to style it randomly. Due to her Vampiricy, short hair lasts no longer than a weeks time.
- Her face is slender, each feature evenly proportioned and seemingly perfect. Her lips are full, unadorned, and almost always set into a scowl or a disinterested expres​sion(what some may call "resting bitch face").
- Mythos has fairly long arms and legs for her petite stature and many suspect this is because of her Vampiricy. Adorned on her right middle finger are three wide black tribal bands, a tattoo of her station. There is also another tattooed on the front of her throat, the symbol of the Tenebris House.
(Tattoo on right middle finger/hand)
(Tattoo of House Tenebris on the front of her throat)
- Though Vampiric in nature, her skin shimmers with irradescent hues of silver against the pale backdrop, making her appear Human; if it wasn't for the perternatural red color of her eyes.
- Along her upper jaw, four of her teeth are longer and sharper than normal.


Damask Rose - Often simply called "Damask", this rare crystal acts as a foci. This crystal stores the blood she steals from her enemies so she can absorb it later. Since there aren't many pure sources of blood left, the foci acts as a filter and removes impurities in the blood. Due to her Vampiricy, Mythos must consult with a Healer on a ragular basis to ensure she is in good health.

Bloodwalker - The legendary staff of Al'reyear Tenebris, the very first Vampire and Sanguimancer. It was to be passed down among the generations, but was rumored to be lost during the Great Collapse. Little on this staff is known except that it is a powerful addition to any Mage's arsenal. It is a retractable staff with a spear-like tip made from a powerful red crystal that is harder than most steel. It channels the Sanguimancer's Blood Magick into a more acurate form. Not only can this staff retract, it can also come apart forming two blades that are the length of a normal man's forearm. Each blade is made from the same red crystal as the staff's original form.
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