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Re: Berserker

Post by Draven on Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:27 pm

It is not you nor your wolves I do not trust. It is the Rage. I had let it rule me once and it cost me very nearly my sanity. I slaughtered my entire village after Brokk had Blood Eagled me. I spared no one. There was no man, woman, or child; save for Brokk, that did not feel my wrath. If I had the ability to choose then what Bloodline you would have become, I would have given you something different. The Rage can be both a curse and a blessing and it is not something I would have chosen for anyone.

The Montriarch replied through the telepathic link, her eyes watching him over the rim of her drinking horn as she sipped the blood tainted mead within. It sang sweetly against her tastebuds, bringing back just a hint of that euphoria she had not experienced in some time. A smile graced her lips at Jar's good natured commentary about women. She hid that smirk with the rim of the horn, taking another sip before lowering it completely from the now serious expression on her face.

"You may find some of the women in Sanguine to be stuck up. A lot of them come from money and have grown up around powerful, money hungry men. Not all of them are warriors, sadly. It seems the Old Ways died out centuries at a time, dwindling until there was nothing left but whiners."

Draven paused for a moment, turning her gaze towards the rowing men and the fading sight of Uppsala. A tightness in her chest caused her to rub faintly at her breast bone and for a split second, it was nearly hard to breathe. The last time she had left her home land, she had not looked back. Was did it feel different this time? Perhaps the impending war made her instinctively think that this would be her last sight of the place where she had been born. Where she had met Ragnar and half of the warriors that were with them on ancient ships bound for Sanguine.

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