Laws of Sanguine

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Laws of Sanguine

Post by Draven on Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:16 pm

Laws of Sanguine

1. The Laws of Sanguine must be followed by anyone of the Blood. Including Vampires, Shifters and any other preternatural creature. Failure to follow these Laws will result in execution after a third offense. First offenders are issued a verbal warning. For the second offense, a physical punishment is issued. And the third, an execution is ordered.

2. The truth about the supernatural races must be kept secret from the human race. There are those humans, reserved as servants and day time watchers that know of the nature of the preternatural. These humans are called Familiars and are often Blood Bound to one of the Vitae's. Breaking of this cardinal rule will result in an immediate execution.

3.The property, territory, Familiars and any other belongings of another preternatural creature must be respected. Thievery is not tolerated in Sanguine. First offense is a verbal warning. A second offense results in the hands being cut off. The third resulted in execution.

4. Only in self defense is it possible to take the life of another preternatural being. All life is to be respected. Without life, there would be no Sanguine. If it is deemed murder and not self defense, it results in an immediate execution.

5. Each Vitae is responsible for the actions of those beneath them. They must maintain vigil over their Bloodline to ensure all Laws are being followed.

6. Only for marriage ritual purposes is Bloodessence allowed. It is the combination and consumption of opposing Bloodlines (Example: If Vangelo of the Vega and Jezza from the Dimensia are being married, Draven will give permission for their blood to be combined and shared between them. This is done via a chalice in the presence of the Montriarch as she is usually the one to perform these rituals).

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