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 The Montriarch

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PostSubject: The Montriarch   February 17th 2017, 5:58 pm



Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Type: Pure Source; Master Vampire
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Black, trails down to the curve of her buttocks.
Eyes: Peridot green.
Skin: Pale
Body type: Curvy, slender.
Markings: None


- English
- Latin
- Rumored to know Gaelic

- She is the Mother of Vampires, the very First of her kind.
- Her eyes are black that can randomly flash red, reflecting much like a cat's. However when she is angered, they can turn completely red.
- Long, raven black hair trails down past the curve of her buttocks.
- Her face is slender, the features perfectly proportioned. Her lips are full, sensual and inviting, and her beauty is breath-taking, nearly distracting.
- Her arms and legs are slightly longer for her petite stature.
- Along her upper jaw, four of her teeth are slightly longer and sharper than the others (her incisors and the two closes to her front teeth).


Shadowblood Essence (Acontinum Bloodline Ability): The core of Draven's power. Shadowblood Essence is a rare Magickal energy revolving around darkness and blood. It swirls with ebony mist and sanguine hues of electricity. She does not need to use her own blood to access this Essence, however, the Acontinum must use their owwn blood. Their own Magick shows in hues of garnet and crimson. The Montriarch can use this ability to call upon the blood of others, ranging from other Vampires, Shifters and even Humans.

Transformation (Aluka Bloodline Ability): Draven can shift into any animal form she chooses. She is also the only Vampire abile to take on the face of another Vampire, Shifter or other mythical creature. Like the Aluka, she can assume other Human forms as well. However, it seems to drain her energy faster if she changes into another mythical creature.

Cacophony (Corpus Bloodline Ability): A fleshmelding ability that the Corpus are envious of. Not only can she call flesh, ripping it forcefully from bone and tissue, she can use this ability to heal depending on the severity of the injury. However, this method of healing can be very painful to the recipient. The Corpus are only able to mold flesh, not rip it from their victims.

Oubilette (Dimensia Bloodline Ability): Macabre limbs of sheer darkness spill up from the ground, ripping the very earth itself open. These appendages wrap around Draven and pull her into what appears to be a pit of sheer shadow. It is in fact, a portal that will enable her to travel where she wishes in the world with a mere thought. She only uses this ability when necessary. Opening portals for teleportation requires a great amount of energy, especially in an emergency situation. She used a milder form of Teleportation in order to bring the wounded Fallon to her estate.

(Faboan Bloodline Ability): Forthcoming...

Cadaverous (Mortuus Bloodline Ability): The energies released for this ability invoke the dead to rise at her command. Her Shadowblood Essence empowers these beings. The Mortuus are envious of this ability since most of them; even their Vitae Markus, can only raise three minions at the most while the Montriarch has an entire army at her command.

NOTE: The ability associated with the Requiem is a passive ability.

Seduction/Carnal Knowledge (Requiem Bloodline Ability): Passive Draven is a very strong empath, able to sense emotions rather easily. She can even influence, or nudge an emotion to something else entirely (example: If a Shifter was angry and on the verge of Shifting in public, Draven could calm him by nudging him into a more serene state). With a simple glimpse, she can pin-point a hidden desire and use it for charming or influencing a decision in her favor, though she does not normally use such wiles to influence decisions of others. She has been known to be a lover of both men and women.

Healing Energy (Spectral Bloodline Ability) Like the Spectral, Draven can heal by using her own energy. Unfortunately this leaves her vulnerable as she uses Astral Projection into the other person, leaving her undefended. She will not use this ability if she is by herself unless she knows her and the other person will be safe. This ability is generally saved for pregnant Vampires about to give birth.

NOTE: The ability associated with the Teniszben Bloodline is a passive ability.

Love (Teniszben Bloodline Ability): Passive Though Draven has had several lovers in the past, both male and female, she has only ever bonded or formed a deep attachment with one, Dasani. Their union caused the creation of the Teniszben Bloodline with their daughter Radraven. Due to such a strong attachment on the Montriarch's behalf, when Dasani asked for the Blood Ritual it left her in physical, emotional and mental pain for several years afterwards. She has only now just started to recover from it.

Pyromancy (Ucigas Bloodline Ability): Like the Ucigas, Draven can call upon the power of fire. However, hers is vastly more controlled. It does expend a great amout of energy to be able to call upon such an element and must be used only when necessary.

Cacophony of Blackness (Vega Bloodline Ability): The darkness and shadows that Draven uses as part of her Shadowblood Essence can be used to form creatures that can be ordered to attack an enemy. These creatures speak in whispering voices that are more than capable of driving her opponent insane. She used two of these creatures to track down Fallon.


Serpant - Baselisk: A large Albino python that had once regarded Dasani with as much disdain as the former Aluka Vitae regarded him. He finds Markus, the Mortuus Vitae to be rather tasty looking and will slither up the back of his chair at the Council table at random moments, scaring the Vampire nearly every chance he gets.

Spider - Tazo: A large Cobalt tarantula. Though she seems to favor Karise and will often be seen at his side, she still carries out her mistress' orders.

Wolf - Fenris: A large black wolf with disturbing red eyes. He is almost always at her side, sitting by her chair at the Council table.

Bat - Vlad: A large Vampire bat that can usually be found hanging around the copula of the Cathedral.

Owl - Arwen: A large Snow owl that is usually perched on the back of the Montriarch's chair. She regards everyone cooly and has been known to peck at Markus whenever she gets the chance.

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The Montriarch
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